Lets Connect with Your Date

Have you ever struggled to connect on a date? Or felt absolutely nothing sitting across the table from a potential partner? Or have you ever felt a strong connection to someone and believed you were going to get another date, but the feeling was not mutual? Do you have a sense of what was missing or blocking a connection?

Or what about the opposite? Have you ever experienced an instant “click” or connection on a date or a feeling as if you had always known this person? Did you just know the date was going to lead to you in a positive direction together?

Connection is key to creating motivation to continue getting to know someone, determining compatibility, and developing affection and love toward someone. After all, the main purpose of a first date is to see if you connect, right?

Difficulty connecting commonly leads to self-doubt and a natural questioning of your own worthiness. Repetitive failed connections or an inability to connect during dating experiences can wear on your self-esteem and confidence. Discrepancies in perception of how a date went can also make your dating life feel disappointing and draining.

It is important to remember you are worthy and deserving of love regardless of your ability to connect in dating. What you can do, though, is take control of your dating approach and engage in behaviors that promote meaningful connection.

In fact, many of my clients say that “clicking” on a first date feels like magic, but there are actually certain mindsets and behaviors that are known to lead to connection.

Here are seven strategies to promote greater connection in dating:

Connect with yourself and hold yourself in a positive light.

Connecting with others can be challenging if you don’t feel connected to yourself, have a deep understanding of who you are and what you want, or have insecure and self-critical thoughts. Reflect on your personality, values, lifestyle preferences, hobbies, goals, and aspirations and take action on what is important or enjoyable to you. Developing yourself, honing in on your strengths and values, letting go of your flaws and imperfections, and engaging in behaviors that leave you feeling confident, content, and rejuvenated will aid you in feeling secure in what you have to offer a potential partner. Approaching dates with a positive mindset and self-image is a major component to connecting on a date.

Ensure you are emotionally available and ready to date.

If you arrive on dates with an ex or unhealed breakup on your mind or other potential partners floating around your thoughts, it is highly unlikely you are going to be present and open enough to actually connect to the person right in front of you, so it is crucial to honestly assess if you are ready to date. If you are ready, remember to approach dating with curiosity, openness, and positive energy and leave the past behind.